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Okay, so why is there now a “second” website focusing on the Tamarac, FL community better known as Mainlands Section 6?

Well, because we (the administrators and editors of this site) feel it’s important for it to be here, that’s why.

Each and every successful society (including homeowner’s associations) has only realized it’s truest and deepest potential when one critical element exists … the simple notion of checks and balances.

In fact, our own United States government was founded on that very principle. Each segment of our government keeps a prudent and watchful eye over the others.

That’s also why there are so many political “watchdog” groups, to help monitor how things are run up in Washington.

Well, this site intends to serve as a sort of “watchdog” for our very own community. Not out of any vindictive motivation, not out of any spiteful feelings, and certainly not out of any desire to entertain.

Instead, this site will serve the valuable purpose of watching over the administration charged with protecting the interests, social welfare, and financial controls of the community we’ve all invested in, … so very heavily invested in.

Now, let’s first set the stage with a few basic assumptions …

  • Disagreements are inevitable in Homeowner’s Associations
  • People do not necessarily view things in the same light
  • Certain people will act professionally and maturely
  • Others will often display surprising immaturity
  • Boards of Directors may contain a mix of both

If we may, let’s ponder this African proverb for just a moment …

“Until the lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always tend to glorify the hunter.”

This website intends to serve as that very historian, … to speak out on behalf of the lions (the homeowners) … to represent that “other side of the story” regarding administrative actions conducted within the Mainlands Section 6 Civic Association, Inc. … to present a point of view that just doesn’t seem to get quite enough airplay.

As we begin, we’ll try to achieve this goal by looking backward over the last few months.

We’ll also try to keep a vigilant eye on how things are managed each and every day going forward.

As we do so, we’ll strive to keep the following in mind …

“Pay attention to everything and eventually, the truth will reveal itself.”

We feel an obligation to share what we know with all the residents of Mainlands Section 6. There’s no doubt the residents of our community have the absolute right to know what’s going on within their association. This right is particularly important when what’s going on may not necessarily be in the best interest of the majority.

We believe …

  • All governing documents related to Mainlands Section 6 should be complied with at all times

We believe …

  • Mainlands 6 residents should always be informed when Association policies are being ignored

We believe …

  • Mainlands 6 residents should be informed when Association by-laws are being violated

And we believe …

  • Mainlands 6 residents should be informed when Florida state statutes are being disregarded

Unfortunately, not all residents have the opportunity to participate in their own Association by attending Board meetings and observing the actions undertaken by this community’s leadership. Maybe this website can help to fill that void.

So, what got this all started … what actually prompted the development and eventual release of this website … what was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”?

Well, there’s an old saying … “Don’t shoot the messenger!”

At a meeting of the membership of the Mainlands Section 6 Civic Association, as held on May 12, 2015, several “messengers” were definitely “shot”, on multiple occasions, by a number of ignorant attendees (Board members included), … attendees well-armed with negative attitudes, but without all of the pertinent facts.

And oh, by the way … if you happen to feel insulted by our use of the word “ignorant”, then we suggest you consult your favorite dictionary, because you’re obviously ignorant about what that term ignorant actually means.

Additionally, a rather one-sided version of facts was presented as part of a statement made by the leadership of this Association at the monthly Civic Meeting held on June 9, 2015. That statement expressed concern that undue questions were being raised in a letter that was written directly to the President (that previously unread communication, which has now been authorized for public viewing by its author, can be read by clicking here).

Those concerns were raised by one of the resident members and property owners of this community. The concerns regarded the Board’s apparent lack of willingness to comply with the Association’s governing documents and Florida state statutes.

Paraphrased excerpts from a response statement, as made by Betty Henderson, our Association President, read aloud to all those in attendance at the June Civic Meeting, are as follows:

1) “Stop your nitpicking!”

2) “Leave us alone and just let us do our job!”

3) “If you want legal action, that’s what you’ll get!”

What is it about this administration that makes them feel that resident homeowners in Mainlands Section 6 shouldn’t be allowed to raise questions and concerns without the homeowner being treated by the President and/or Board as if they were a disrespectful child?

Shouldn’t any homeowner in Mainlands Section 6 always be allowed to raise questions and concerns, … even if they might happen to offend the Board of Directors?

Shouldn’t any resident of Mainlands Section 6 be allowed to raise questions and concerns, … without being threatened with legal action?

We here at www.mainlands6.com think each of those questions needs a very specific answer.

Maybe this website can help stimulate a response demanding those answers, or at the very least, prompt those in positions of leadership to address the questions openly, professionally and maturely.

In closing, should you find things here to be of interest and/or value, we hope you help spread the word and let others know about this site.

However, should you be the type that gets all bent out of shape by reading the articles, editorials and suggestions you find here, then the solution for you is really quite simple, … close your screen and don’t bother to read them, … problem solved.

3 Responses

  1. Chet Riland
    Chet Riland November 29, 2016 at 11:28 am |

    Thank you for the information. I have a resident there to act as my proxy, who I have faith will fill in the selection I choose. If the slate remains as is, I will advise him to select none of the above.


  2. Chet Riland
    Chet Riland November 25, 2016 at 1:30 pm |

    Received my absentee ballot for elections on December 13,
    If you are going to run and these ballots have already been returned, how could I change my vote?
    I am returning my ballot to my proxy with no selections until I know the full slate of candidates.


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